What happens if a new publication makes it on to the big five?

By Jonathan HardingPublished 01 October 2016 16:00:00As the new year approaches, a new edition of The Economist will be launched, with a different title.

But what will happen if a publication on the Big Five publishers, such as The Economist, The Times, The Atlantic and the Financial Times, makes it onto the new edition?

Jonathan Harding is the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic.

In an article published today, he looks at the impact that a publication with a distinctive brand could have on a publication such as the Financial News, The Economist and The Economist on Medium.

The Big Five have always been considered the most influential publishers in the world, so a publication like The Economist could potentially make it on, Harding said. 

If a new book from one of the Big five were to make it onto The Economist’s cover, it would be a significant statement, he said.

“The impact of a book like this is likely to be huge,” he said in a statement.

“In the case of The Times book, it could mean that it will become a bestselling book.”

He added that a publisher such as Business Insider or Vice News could also be a “significant” publisher on Medium, which has a “strong track record” of publishing on the medium.

“That means a publisher like The Atlantic or Vice can be an interesting player in the space,” he explained. 

The Atlantic currently has about 250 publications on Medium , including The Economist.

The Financial Times currently has some 500 publications on the platform, including the Financial Post and Financial Times.

The Economist, meanwhile, has about 500 publishers, including The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Financial Times.

“The effect of a publisher on the Medium platform could be significant,” Harding said in his statement. 

“We can see this in the FT’s impact on the news coverage it has been able to achieve on Medium.”

He said it was “unlikely” that the FT would make it to the front of the list.

“I would be amazed if the FT does,” he added.

“We’ve already seen some great things from the FT, including an article by David Auerbach in the Financial Express last year.”

There are many great publishers that will be able to make a difference.

“The Atlantic and The Times could also have a “huge impact” on the content of a publication, Harding suggested.”

But there’s a limit to how much influence a publication has over the content that is published,” he told BBC Sport.”

They may not be the ones that publish the content.

“It’s just that they publish the news and make the decision on the subject matter.”

He also said he was “not sure” if the Times would make the list, as the publication “is a little more niche” than The Economist or The Atlantic: “I’d say it’s still unlikely.” 

The Times is the UK’s oldest daily newspaper, founded in 1770.

It is published in the UK by The Times Group and has a circulation of about 4 million. 

It has a website and a mobile app, and has also published books. 

Its website has been used as a platform for protests against the Trump administration, and a hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has been coined on the site.

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