HarperCollins is planning to publish the new comic book by David Harper in the US, the publisher has confirmed

A new comic series from HarperCollins has been in development at publisher Norton.

HarperCollins announced in March that it had acquired a publishing company, Penguin Random House, to develop the series and that the publisher planned to publish it in the United States in 2018.

Norton announced on Monday that it has signed an agreement with HarperCollins to produce the series, which will be co-produced with DC Comics.

The series will be a prequel to the acclaimed HarperCollins series HarperCollins: The Best of the Marvel Universe and the HarperCollins HarperCollins Classic Comics series.

“Nortons first comic book, HarperCollins The Best in the Marvel World, is the perfect companion to the current Marvel Universe, featuring the best of the finest Marvel creators and creators,” said Scott Fairey, chief executive officer at Norton.

“This series will allow readers to explore the world of Marvel and its characters through a new lens.

It will be the perfect way to introduce fans to Marvel’s best creators, and bring them the next level of excitement and fun.”

The comic will be written by HarperCollins veteran Stephen King and drawn by John Layman.

The HarperCollins team will also feature the voices of Tim Burton, John Cassaday and Michael Keaton.

“Nerds will love the story of a young woman named Nora who is caught in a cosmic war between two powerful factions of aliens and her human friends,” the announcement reads.

“And the comic book will be full of all the things that make comics fun.”

Harper Collins will also release a new book from its best-selling HarperCollins imprint, Harper Collins: The Ultimate Guide to Comic Books.

On its website, Harper’s announced that it was also co-producing the comic with DC and Marvel.

Publishers should be expecting more details about the series when the title is announced.

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