What is the future of Amazon, where will Amazon go?

Recode is reporting that Amazon will have no immediate plans to move its US publishing business into a new company.

The move would be the largest in Amazon’s history.

Amazon’s U.S. publishing division, Amazon Publishing, has struggled to meet expectations.

The company reported a 7% fall in its first quarter earnings, with the publisher’s revenue down $1.9 billion.

The Washington Post, a competitor to the Washington Post Media Group, recently announced that it would be buying the company, and it’s unclear how Amazon will react to the news.

But if the deal goes through, the Post’s announcement suggests that Amazon’s publishing division will move to another company, a development that could further dent its credibility.

Amazon’s new headquarters in Seattle will be built in the former Sears building, which has been the home of the company for more than two decades.

Amazon has a long history of publishing.

In 2011, the company announced that Amazon Books would become a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

That deal would have given Amazon a larger stake in the Amazon bookstore and distribution business.

But that deal was never completed, and Amazon still has a substantial market share in the digital book market.

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