How to buy the best books in Australia

The top 100 Australian books on are all in English.

I’m pretty sure they all include a quote from an author about their favourite book, and they all do.


Because Australians are incredibly competitive.

A recent study found that when Amazon launched in Australia, the average Australian bookseller could sell 3.7 titles a week.

But, because of their pricing structure, it’s very hard to find a book that fits all of those criteria.

So, I decided to try and find the best Australian books to buy online.

I found a list of over 1,000 books from the best authors in the country, and then, to find the one I liked best, I ranked them.

Here are the top 100 best Australian titles on Amazon, and here are the 100 best books I read in the world.


The Secret Garden by John Updike (1890) This book is so well known that it’s almost impossible to miss it.

The Secret Garden is a novel set in the fictional village of Westport, Connecticut.

Updike’s story follows the life of a young couple who, on their first visit to Westport in the 1890s, discover a strange, underground cave that’s inhabited by a mysterious alien.

While they struggle to get past the strange creatures, they are confronted by the beautiful and mysterious girl of the cave.

As the book progresses, it becomes clear that this mysterious girl is the secret to immortality, and that she is in fact the first of a long line of immortal beings. 

Updikes writing style and his portrayal of a mysterious, beautiful girl who appears to be a reincarnation of a lost princess, are so distinctive and relatable, that they become a cult classic in their own right.


The Three Sisters by George Orwell (1949) The novel The Three Souls is the work that changed Orwell’s life.

When it was first published in 1949, Orwell had just moved to the UK to study at Cambridge.

One of the few books he could read at home, Orwell’s friend and fellow writer, Henry Miller, recommended the novel to him.

They were both fascinated by the world of Victorian literature, and were both convinced that it was the work of a great genius.

It wasn’t until more than 30 years later, when they returned to England to live together, that Orwell began to discover the impact that The Three Brothers had on his life.

Orwell was one of the first to be exposed to The Three Masters.


The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (1887) One of my favourite novels is The Hobbit.

At its best, it explores a theme of fantasy, and of the quest for happiness and justice, and is the story of Bilbo Baggins and the hobbits, the wizard Gandalf and the dragon Smaug, the giant Smaug and the hero Aragorn, the two dwarves in the Hobbit.

It’s a richly imaginative and well-written story that has captivated readers since its publication in 1937.


The Life of the American President by Mark Twain (1898) If you want to know the most influential man in American history, you could spend your life looking up his life in books.

Tamerlane, McKinley, Lincoln, Hoover, FDR, the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Paine, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Ribicoff, Abraham Wright, and countless others have all been mentioned by the author in his work.

His influence on our society and culture was such that he was one for life, even if he died before he reached the age of 70.


The Great Wall by Cormac McCarthy (1956) Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Great Walls of China was the first novel written in English that made me believe that China could be a great country.

Cormace wrote the book in 1962.

Before it was published, McCarthy was already a well-known writer, and had just won the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

For decades, it was his work that inspired many children and adults to read and believe in the wonders of China.

He was one reason why, when he died in 2012, he was buried at the Great Wall of China in Beijing. 


The Last Unicorn by Ursula K. Le Guin (1958) In the 1980s, Ursula Le Guine wrote a series of novels called The Last White Whale.

She set out to tell a story of a family on the edge of extinction, and her novels have become part of popular culture and have been translated into more than 25 languages.

This one is called The Black and the White, and it was written in the 1990s.

Le Guine was also a huge influence on the works of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratche

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