The NYT is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s sons, but will it survive?

A former employee of a newspaper publisher who said she had to resign from her job to protest against her boss’s decision to sell the company is suing for damages, saying that she had a “serious fear of retaliation” and a “severe mental health crisis.”

In a suit filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, Maryanne Jaffe claims that she was fired from her position at the Times of London after the publication’s publisher announced plans to sell its digital newspaper division to a consortium of Murdoch-owned companies in 2016.

Jaffe, who was hired by the Times in 2004 and served as editor of the print edition of the newspaper, says she was laid off in January 2017 because she “consistently failed to uphold the standards and values of journalism.”

The Times of Britain said that Jaffe was fired after “a review” of her reporting, and that the newsroom was not aware of her alleged misconduct.

She has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court seeking unspecified damages.

The Times has not said whether it has retained an outside counsel for its ongoing litigation with Jaffe.

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