How to avoid publishing your own death threat

Posted September 12, 2018 12:00:08A death threat is a direct threat of physical harm or death.

A person who threatens to publish an electronic communication, a video recording or other information to another person is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for up to six months.

A person who posts information on social media, including a Facebook page or a Twitter account, is guilty: a) if the posting occurs in Australia, to a penalty of imprisonment for six months; or b) if not in Australia but has been shared internationally by an international person or organisation, to up to 12 months’ imprisonment.

It is not a crime to publish information that is not relevant to an offence.

A court will determine whether or not the posting is an offence in accordance with the Australian Cybercrime Act (ACCA).

The ACCA applies to online communications.

For information about the penalties for cybercrime, please see the section on the website of the Australian Federal Police:,law-crime-and-justice,internet-technology,internet,internetcrime,digital-communication,law—state-issues,internetservice-providers,internet—access,online-advertising,onlinethreatening,socialmedia,publishing,internetlaws,social-media,crime,internetcareers,government-and/or-politics,internetrelay-services,government—business,public-sector,internetworking,digitalmedia,internetreception,internetrewritten,onlinereceptionsource Financial Post article

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